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Friday, July 27, 2012

signs of life • 6x12inch oil on panel

signs of life | 6x12 oil on panel mounted to birch wood cradle | sold

That felt good.

Slow progress in the studio, but it's a steady slow progress.

I can't express enough how GOOD it feels to be painting and productive.

If only I could paint faster!


Karen Appleton said...

This is so gorgeous Christine!!!! Amazing detail and beautiful grays!!

cmv... said...

:] Thank you Karen! I"m just so giddy to be producing work again.

r garriott said...

Beautiful; elegant and mysterious. Looks like you've been busy at the easel this month! (Just so you know, I feel the same way about painting faster...argh!)

cmv... said...

thanks R! busy for sure, i need work on speed and endurance. haha