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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Transition...

It's a been a wild ride the last year and half. Every spare minute was consumed with sorting and cleaning out everything in our house.

Unfortunately, it meant not a spare moment for anything. We even packed up half my studio and moved it to a spare room to stage our house. It paid off and we sold our house quick. Now we're now shacked up in a tiny apartment searching for our forever home and trying not to go completely insane.

As a result my studio is completely in storage.


I kept only what I could in this backpack.

I have my plein air easel, a few brushes, paints and some drawing supplies. And now that it's all done and there is nothing else to do but sit in this tiny apartment (because it is too flipping hot to go outside), I'm working on a new series of small wishbone paintings that I had a few spare moments to set up and photograph before I packed up all my skulls and bones.

The drawings are completed and I'm waiting on some cradled panels to arrive. I won't be able to work big this summer due to absolutely no where to sit a large WIP, so it will be all small works. But... I'm excited to be painting so who cares.

Although, my creaky back doesn't take well to drawing on the kitchen floor for too long...

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