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Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Studio in a Box

I'm going to be honest, whatever ambitions I had to be creative while living out of boxes, was borderline insane (for new readers, we sold our house and are in a temporary apartment while securing a new home).

my studio in a box. ugh.

There's no waltzing into my studio with a cup of coffee and simply picking up a brush.

Most days, by the time I get everything ready to go, I have maybe 30 minutes before I need to put it all away to make dinner, or do homework with the kiddo.

I'm not complaining, good things are coming. I'm making progress, slow and steady on very small paintings. This one is almost done (finally) and I've got five drawings for new wishbone paintings ready to go.

WIP 6x6 inch 

I've also been taking some time to get some furniture projects done for my new studio. Check out my old school desk redo that's going in my studio for sketching and reading. (I'm sorry all you lefty's, I know, these desks were so not fair to you).

So that's it. Slow and steady. You can find me posting more frequently over on my FB page (here) or on Instagram: christinemvstudio.


Katherine Thomas said...

That's a wonderful painting! And I'm so impressed at how you're making the best of your situation. By preparing for your new studio, and by concentrating on small, manageable works while you're in the apartment. That desk is cool!

cmv... said...

Thanks Katherine! Doing the best I can for sure. :)