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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back to Work

We've spent the past year transitioning from one house to another. There were two moves, a short stint in an apartment, and my entire studio packed away for seven months.

The new (old) house is coming along (lots of renovating going on) and I was able to finally set up a painting area in my new studio (upper left).

I probably won't unpack my full studio for a few months as we need to rip out really old shag carpeting and spruce it up a bit, but for now, I can certainly paint.

With no time to waste, I finished off a little cherry painting (upper right), a tiny little wishbone (bottom left) and have a series of five small wishbone paintings transferred and ready to start (bottom right).

My new studio space is going to work out great. I have a great window teeming with wildlife for me coo at all day. [i do, it's embarrassing]

Turkeys wander by almost every day and I love it. If only they didn't freak out when they suddenly see me through the window.

I'll have new, small works available in a few weeks which I'll post about here, on my Facebook Page, or my Instagram account, where I also post some work in progress pics and quick cell phone pics of works as I finish them.

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Paz said...

Glad to read that you're doing well! :-)