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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Seven New Paintings

wishbone • 3x3 inch oil on canvas panel • mini painting, includes easel • available here

I've been a busy girl!

Last week I posted seven new small paintings in my etsy shop.

Now that I've finished these smaller works, I'm moving on a to a few larger paintings. I'll post some WIP photos as I make progress.

I love painting wishbones, and never tire of them. I really enjoyed working on this new small series, and I'm already contemplating some new compositions.

at the edge • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • available here

balanced approach • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • available here
hanging on • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • SOLD

once chance • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • available here

stacking the odds • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • available here
If you've followed along, I started this painting last summer while we were transitioning from our old house, into an apartment then finally into our new home. It felt good to finish this one, almost like completing a very long journey.

cautiously optimistic • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • SOLD
It's been a hectic few years as we worked hard to make our transition to our dream home, but we're finally here and even though my new studio needs some renovations, it's not stopping me from working again.

I'm so grateful to everyone that has stayed with me these last few years.

I've been working hard updating everything from my website to my newsletter to my print materials.

Over the next few months, I'll be phasing out my Facebook page and my twitter account, and posting new works strictly through this blog and my newsletter to reduce redundancy.

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Katherine Thomas said...

Love the wishbone series! They are all so unique and creatively composed and portrayed. The shapes and colors of the wishbones are so expressive!

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

Thank you Katherine! It was a fun series to work on, but meticulous to balance those wishbones!

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

:) Thank you Paz! Always good to hear from you!