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Friday, June 13, 2014

Giclees, Paintings and Tangible Things

detail of untitled deer skull painting © christine mercer-vernon

It's that time of year when school let's out and the kiddo and I work together to find a schedule that works for both of us (or at least we try). Camps start next week and I'll have some quiet time in the day when I can focus on working through the giant to do list of paintings I'd like to get done this summer.

Two finished paintings to post, the currently still untitled, deer skull painting (detail photo above) I started last year before we moved, and this little apple painting below. When I have a good photo of the full deer skull painting I will post.

I'm quite enamored with these little 4x4 inch canvas panels...

Apple for Mrs. Myers • 4x4 inch • oil on canvas panel • unavailable

Because I'm always looking for opportunities to learn, I'm taking an online course called, Tangible Things, given online by Harvard University. It's free, which is pretty cool, and has absolutely nothing to do with painting and drawing, yet in every way it does.

The course focuses on objects and other tangible things and explores what can be learned by questioning and looking past the initial perception of said objects. There is a lot to learn about something just by looking, examining, studying, and questioning [a lot like drawing and painting, right?].

While the study is to learn more historically about these objects, I couldn't help but see the parallels in my own work, and how I look at objects I use in my still life setups, in particular skulls and bones.

Learning to not just look but to see and question and understand the details and their significance and sometimes placement in history. The stories that the objects themselves, tell.

It's fascinating and I'm already altering some of the thumbnails I've done for planned paintings.

I love that even though I am learning nothing to improve my painting skills, I'm still learning to see... more.

Long overdue, I finally have two of my skull drawings available now as giclee reproductions.

My skull: bear and skull:human drawings are both available in 8x10 size (with a 1/2 inch white border as shown).

Both are available HERE in my Etsy Shop.

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artbird said...

The Harvard course sounds intriguing! Your work is as always, wonderful!