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Friday, June 13, 2014

Giclees, Paintings and Tangible Things

detail of untitled deer skull painting © christine mercer-vernon

It's that time of year when school let's out and the kiddo and I work together to find a schedule that works for both of us (or at least we try). Camps start next week and I'll have some quiet time in the day when I can focus on working through the giant to do list of paintings I'd like to get done this summer.

Two finished paintings to post, the currently still untitled, deer skull painting (detail photo above) I started last year before we moved, and this little apple painting below. When I have a good photo of the full deer skull painting I will post.

I'm quite enamored with these little 4x4 inch canvas panels...

Apple for Mrs. Myers • 4x4 inch • oil on canvas panel • unavailable

Because I'm always looking for opportunities to learn, I'm taking an online course called, Tangible Things, given online by Harvard University. It's free, which is pretty cool, and has absolutely nothing to do with painting and drawing, yet in every way it does.

The course focuses on objects and other tangible things and explores what can be learned by questioning and looking past the initial perception of said objects. There is a lot to learn about something just by looking, examining, studying, and questioning [a lot like drawing and painting, right?].

While the study is to learn more historically about these objects, I couldn't help but see the parallels in my own work, and how I look at objects I use in my still life setups, in particular skulls and bones.

Learning to not just look but to see and question and understand the details and their significance and sometimes placement in history. The stories that the objects themselves, tell.

It's fascinating and I'm already altering some of the thumbnails I've done for planned paintings.

I love that even though I am learning nothing to improve my painting skills, I'm still learning to see... more.

Long overdue, I finally have two of my skull drawings available now as giclee reproductions.

My skull: bear and skull:human drawings are both available in 8x10 size (with a 1/2 inch white border as shown).

Both are available HERE in my Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Seven New Paintings

wishbone • 3x3 inch oil on canvas panel • mini painting, includes easel • available here

I've been a busy girl!

Last week I posted seven new small paintings in my etsy shop.

Now that I've finished these smaller works, I'm moving on a to a few larger paintings. I'll post some WIP photos as I make progress.

I love painting wishbones, and never tire of them. I really enjoyed working on this new small series, and I'm already contemplating some new compositions.

at the edge • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • available here

balanced approach • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • available here
hanging on • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • SOLD

once chance • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • available here

stacking the odds • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • available here
If you've followed along, I started this painting last summer while we were transitioning from our old house, into an apartment then finally into our new home. It felt good to finish this one, almost like completing a very long journey.

cautiously optimistic • 6x6 inch oil on panel, wood cradle • SOLD
It's been a hectic few years as we worked hard to make our transition to our dream home, but we're finally here and even though my new studio needs some renovations, it's not stopping me from working again.

I'm so grateful to everyone that has stayed with me these last few years.

I've been working hard updating everything from my website to my newsletter to my print materials.

Over the next few months, I'll be phasing out my Facebook page and my twitter account, and posting new works strictly through this blog and my newsletter to reduce redundancy.

If you haven't already signed up for my newsletter, you can join my mailing list HERE. If you wish to receive postcard announcements, please remember to enter your address. I do not share information and I send out my newsletter no more than one time per month.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back to Work

We've spent the past year transitioning from one house to another. There were two moves, a short stint in an apartment, and my entire studio packed away for seven months.

The new (old) house is coming along (lots of renovating going on) and I was able to finally set up a painting area in my new studio (upper left).

I probably won't unpack my full studio for a few months as we need to rip out really old shag carpeting and spruce it up a bit, but for now, I can certainly paint.

With no time to waste, I finished off a little cherry painting (upper right), a tiny little wishbone (bottom left) and have a series of five small wishbone paintings transferred and ready to start (bottom right).

My new studio space is going to work out great. I have a great window teeming with wildlife for me coo at all day. [i do, it's embarrassing]

Turkeys wander by almost every day and I love it. If only they didn't freak out when they suddenly see me through the window.

I'll have new, small works available in a few weeks which I'll post about here, on my Facebook Page, or my Instagram account, where I also post some work in progress pics and quick cell phone pics of works as I finish them.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Studio in a Box

I'm going to be honest, whatever ambitions I had to be creative while living out of boxes, was borderline insane (for new readers, we sold our house and are in a temporary apartment while securing a new home).

my studio in a box. ugh.

There's no waltzing into my studio with a cup of coffee and simply picking up a brush.

Most days, by the time I get everything ready to go, I have maybe 30 minutes before I need to put it all away to make dinner, or do homework with the kiddo.

I'm not complaining, good things are coming. I'm making progress, slow and steady on very small paintings. This one is almost done (finally) and I've got five drawings for new wishbone paintings ready to go.

WIP 6x6 inch 

I've also been taking some time to get some furniture projects done for my new studio. Check out my old school desk redo that's going in my studio for sketching and reading. (I'm sorry all you lefty's, I know, these desks were so not fair to you).

So that's it. Slow and steady. You can find me posting more frequently over on my FB page (here) or on Instagram: christinemvstudio.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Transition...

It's a been a wild ride the last year and half. Every spare minute was consumed with sorting and cleaning out everything in our house.

Unfortunately, it meant not a spare moment for anything. We even packed up half my studio and moved it to a spare room to stage our house. It paid off and we sold our house quick. Now we're now shacked up in a tiny apartment searching for our forever home and trying not to go completely insane.

As a result my studio is completely in storage.


I kept only what I could in this backpack.

I have my plein air easel, a few brushes, paints and some drawing supplies. And now that it's all done and there is nothing else to do but sit in this tiny apartment (because it is too flipping hot to go outside), I'm working on a new series of small wishbone paintings that I had a few spare moments to set up and photograph before I packed up all my skulls and bones.

The drawings are completed and I'm waiting on some cradled panels to arrive. I won't be able to work big this summer due to absolutely no where to sit a large WIP, so it will be all small works. But... I'm excited to be painting so who cares.

Although, my creaky back doesn't take well to drawing on the kitchen floor for too long...

Monday, October 15, 2012

new drawing: buffalo vertebra

buffalo vertebra | graphite on paper | 11x14
finished this drawing over the weekend. still trying to decide if i also want to paint it. decisions. decisions.

i spent some time setting up some small skull still lifes. trying to decide where i want to start.

my deer skull painting hit a bump because that damn vine I chose grows so freakishly fast that within a few hours everything has changed.

considering the detail i like to work in, this has proven many challenges in refining each leaf.  so i'm trying to problem solve it by photographing new leaves in place of the old this week and will just have to suck it up and work from photos to finish off the vine.

Friday, July 27, 2012

signs of life • 6x12inch oil on panel

signs of life | 6x12 oil on panel mounted to birch wood cradle | sold

That felt good.

Slow progress in the studio, but it's a steady slow progress.

I can't express enough how GOOD it feels to be painting and productive.

If only I could paint faster!